BenefitsUSA's Healthcare Solution™ uses the Common Benefits platform and several collaborating vendors to strategically reduce the cost of medical insurance using dependent audit, health assessment, decision support and claims management. The solution is tailored to each client to effectively incorporate legacy systems such as payroll, brokers, TPAs, and existing medical carriers or plans.

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Benefit Enrollment & Administration

At the heart of our solution is Common Benefits Software. This platform coordinates the various cost-saving strategies and allows convenient enrollment and administration of your group and voluntary benefits.

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Dependent Audit

Covering ineligible dependents increases employer’s costs. Use a dependent audit to review your health benefits plans to ensure only enrolled dependents are eligible to receive – and legally participate in – employer sponsored coverage. This service will assist employers in complying with CAA and ERISA laws thereby avoiding costly fines and penalties.

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Health Assessment

Combining technology and innovative solutions, we empower employees to take control of their well-being. Happier employees create healthier workplaces. A health assessment provides essential information used in the design and premium pricing for multiple plans.

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Decision Support

Using a personalized approach we help employees choose the best health plan for their specific health needs. With our HIPAA compliant portal, employees share their health needs and receive an interactive report comparing the expected costs for their health plan options. On average, employees using the recommended service save over $1,300 annually.

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Claims Management

We are fixing health insurance by putting control back in your hands and reducing costs by up to 30% including built-in cost containment and concierge level support. We provide access to quality care with protection from overcharges. We build plans that best suit you and your employees/members including customized programs for pharmacy, stop loss, wellness, and more.

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